Hello peace lovers! Great thanks goes to all those who came to the ‘I am Peace’ Camp last Saturday (01/07/2017). The ‘I am peace’ camp takes place every Saturday from 03:00PM to 06:30PM on MACI grounds along Comboni Comprehensive College Road Via Cesia. We encourage all peace lovers to join us for our activities which involve physical exercise (volleyball, basketball, football, dance.), capacity building sessions, dialogue and we call it a day. I am peace!

Last Saturday was what one would term a complete one, the sessions started as usual with the physical exercise which was mainly volleyball, all the participants had lots of fun playing with other lovers of peaceful coexistence among everybody.
The next session was the first of its kind yet so helpful, that is capacity building which majorly focused on first aid. The session was headed by Akule George, his senior Khemis Emmanuel and supplemented by drdelay. Many questions were asked and the facilitators answered them adequately. These are some of the tips that were shared;

  • The first Aider is the most important person on the scene of an accident and he/she must make sure it’s safe enough for him/her to approach the scene and call for emergency help if otherwise.
  • When presented with a causality the ABCs must be observed, that is Airway, the casualty’s airway should not be blocked, putting the patient in recovery position helps with that, Breathing, the casualty’s breathing should be checked too then Circulation, does the casualty have a pulse.
  • A few first aid Technics were demonstrated, for a broken limp, either a hand or leg. First aid for nose bleed, for an epileptic….
    And the last session was the dialogue, which was attended by quite a good number of individuals. This session was very interesting as the team of peace lovers was highly challenged when they had to peaceful contain one who had too much to drink and was in high spirit of vulgarity. The situation was peacefully resolved and the dialogue when on. The topic of discussion was sexually gender based violence. Many had their views echoed and discussed in the session. These are some of the things looked at;
  • Early marriages.
  • Rape and defilement.

What is your take on Sexual Gender Based Violence and how do you think it affects peaceful coexistence? Join us this Saturday 8th of July 2017 so we can discuss more together and help change a life.
Once again, it’s at MACI Compoud along Comboni Road Via Cesia (Adjumani Catholic Mission)

We are happy to be Joined by DRC and Voice of America to cover our activities.