The I am Peace team got a chance to visit Mungula Secondary School on 3/06/2017, mainly to have a dialogue with the students on peaceful coexistence between the host community and the refugee community since the school has a big number of both refugees and hosts. But before we had the dialogue, we came up with an activity so as to relate with the students better, so they can get to know us. The activity we decided was teaching, a few team members taught different classes, different subjects ie.

  1. Dr Ijjo Didimous Delay taught Biology in S.1
  2. Anzo Nard taught History Paper 4 in S.2
  3. Kenyi Jimmy taught Commerce in S.3
  4. Sambro Lupai taught Mathematics in S.4

The interaction with students made them feel at ease with us when we started the dialogue session.

‘The students felt good and more comfortable especially when they are listening to young people like them and they so felt more encouraged’ Said Kenyi Jimmy.
For the dialogue we asked what the Do’s and Don’ts of the refugee community the host community. Some of the answers where;


  • Segregation
  • Like fighting
  • Don’t like studying
  • Don’t like cleaning
  • The dependency Syndrome (they don’t want to work hard to get something for themselves, they always want to wait for help)


  • Segregation
  • Don’t give refugees land for farming
  • Corruption
  • Want to benefit from things meant to help the refugees
  • The Girls are not interestedin education
  • Theft

After the dialogue, Lyrical Krymes and D’reign Legacy are part of the I am Peace team entertained the students who were curtain raised by some students who rapped and sang.
The headmistress said she was very pleased with the visit to her school, the fact that the I am Peace team is comprised of young people with a lot of energy is more inspiring and encouraging to students.