Hello peace family, we saying great thanks to everyone who made it to MACI last Saturday. the team from AFOD, Voice of America that cover our activities, each and every individual who came around. As usual, we had a lot of fun activities, games, volleyball playing, interaction with many other people but most importantly we had the dialogue where we talked about a lot of things but mainly we discussed some of the DO’s and DON’T’s of being a counselor or counselling a victim/survivor of any circumstance and below are some of the points put across.

  1. Confidence.when giving advice to/counselling someone, you need to be confident in what so ever you are saying.
  2. Empathy. As a counselor, you need to have the feeling that you understand and share the person’s experiences and emotions.
  3. You should always lead by example. By the time you take it on let’s say to advise a drunkard to quit alcohol, make sure you are not a drunkard yourself.
  4. You should always put yourself in the shoes of the person you talking to know exactly how they feel.
  5. Avoid being too emotional. Some people have very touching stories so whatever you do, never ever be too emotional and start crying.it could only make them feel worse.
  6. Be interactive. don’t make it seem like an interview.
  7. Avoid judging. Never at one point judge your client or make a judgmental point.
  8. Be confidential. Make sure you never disclose to other people whatever you discussed with your client. Make them gain that trust in you.
  9. Respect your client.be respectful regardless of one’s status or position.
  10. Be neutral especially when talking to two parties.
  11. And most importantly, be a Counselor by nature.

Now don’t forget to come around next Saturday as we play, dance, interact, write peaceful messages and talk about yet another interesting topic…. See you all around there at MACI compound located in Cesia along Comboni road. 3 to 6:30pm.
#iampeace .