Hello peace family, we are now counting hours to Lupai’s birthday and remember that’s when we shall be going to corner stone children’s home to spend the day with those beautiful children from 9am to 3pm there after we will be camping at Radio Amani for our usual Saturday IAPC where we shall do some goat roasting and carry out our usual dialogue.
Meanwhile, last Saturday, we had quiet an interesting session at MACI where we talked about ways of getting that dream job, how do you write your CV and how do you respond when called for an interview and here are some of the master points you should never leave out if you want to get that job you always wanted.

  1. When writing your CV, make sure every information is corresponding especially with your education papers.
  2. Avoid using coloured envelopes for delivering your CV/application letter. Stick to a plain coloured envelope preferably brown.
  3. When you have been called for that interview, smartness should be your first priority. If possible, avoid wearing multiple colours, having coloured hair as that may turn some bosses off.
  4. Be confident when being interviewed.
  5. Avoid panicking, biting your fingers. It will only show you ain’t capable to do the work.
  6. When called to go in any office, never forget to first knock before entering and only sit when you are told so or after asking like “may i have a seat? “
  7. Have a happy face. Don’t look rude.
  8. Be friendly to the people you find around that workplace when you are called for that interview but avoid getting over excited. It will only get people suspicious.
  9. Avoid bribing. Never at one point think of bribing as this may in the near future backfire on you.
  10. When putting references on your CV, be sure of the people you put.

And those were some of the points among many listed. Meanwhile, see you tomorrow at 9am, Radio Amani premises as we go to Cornerstone Children’s Home. Everyone is welcomed and in case you have any thing you would love to take to the children, you can come along with it.