“I am so happy and May God Bless the peace project”
Those were words from Maia Vicky’s Mother Mrs Perina Simba after the ‘I am Peace’ team visited the family to check how Vicky is recovering.
We can clearly see the difference in the pictures before and after Vicky’s surgery. Her smile and dress code has really changed.

We would therefore like to thank the general public for the financial and moral support given to Vicky through ‘I am Peace’ project.

Vicky is responding well to treatment and we shall have Dr Lulu next week in Adjumani to speak to the media about the surgery.

All financial statements and expenditure will be displayed here after receiving all receipts geared towards her treatment.

Thank you all for your support and may we continue to support Vicky and the ‘I am Peace’ project.

We hope next year, Vicky contests for Miss Madi….lol

Thank you all.