Another Saturday, another 'I am Peace' activitiy, more new skilled and knowledgeable people together finding solutions to bridge gaps in peaceful coexistence.

Last Thursday 5th Oct 2017, the Vice Local Council 5 Adjumani district was invited for 'I am Peace' Project radio talk-show to talk about the high unemployment rate.

We had to extend the topic to 'I am Peace' Camp at MACI compound where many shared their opinions on why there is high unemployment rate in the region and a few suggested solutions.

In both discussions, job neglect and poor working environment were the main conclusive causes of unemployment.  Sensitizing the youth and changing their mindsets on how they view available jobs would reduce the unemployment rate by over 50%.

One youth in Itirikwa sub county claims he is unemployed but yet, he goes to farm almost every day. He does not consider farming as a serious job.

Doka of ADEFO says, everyone should pick a hoe and panga and head to shamba. That's the only way to reduce unemployment in the region.

Most youth who are self employed don't take whatever job they are doing/creating to themselves seriously just because at the back of their minds a white color job is what they dream of.

Away from unemployment, one baby girl and prominent 'I am Peace' member Delilah got older and celebrated her birthday with us. Happy birthday lady. May your memories be awesome, your dreams become a reality, your joy last forever

Thanks to all who showed up. See y'all again next Saturday