Celebrities for so long played a huge role in creating a shift in mindsets of communities. They have the power to create a positive social change but also have the power to push a negative agenda and create divisions among communities. The question is, how much power do the celebrities know they have?


Musicians, comedians, radio presenters and many other celebrities in the entertainment industry have been used as agents to advocate for peaceful coexistence and positive social change but so often, they are not given the technicalexpertise on how to handle their personalities to create more impact in the communities they try to change.

In South Sudan, branding and marketing of personalities to advance their skills and create a network has been a challenge. Many of the famous personalities do not have or know how to write biographies and clearly define their vision. Clearly defining and knowing how to communicate their vision sharpens their leadership skills in the

field of entertainment and advocating for positive social change.

I AM PEACE held a two days’ workshop on 6th and 7th of December 2018 at the Whitaker Community Center themed ‘fame for positivity’ to enhance capacity of celebrities in the entertainment industry on self-branding and marketing, leaderships skills and how they can use their fame for positive social change.

During the workshop, Naomi, one of singers who attended the workshop believes that the spirit of forgiveness should be inculcated in the minds of the youth as it’s the only way to a sustainable peace and that can only be done if everybody takes individual responsibility to ask for forgiveness.

“I have never attended a workshop this good and interactive. This so far is my best workshop and I have learned a lot from the facilitators and my fellow entertainers. We should have more workshops like this” said Jungle Preacher, one of the gospel artists in South Sudan.

“It is our role as celebrities, as youth of this country to work for that co-existence” said Wokil, one of the top comedians in the country while speaking to CGTN’s Patrick Oyet during the training. Click here for full interview

Together, we can have sustainable peace when we all know the roles each one of us ought to play.

The workshop was supported by Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative, Juba Civic Resource Center, Cloud29, Crown the Woman, Okay Africa Foundation and Youth Empowerment Organization.