Paula Itoo, the Co-Founder/ Country Manager for I AM PEACE South Sudan encourages everyone to speak out and use their small spaces to condemn GBV.

“The world will only eradicate Gender Based Violence when we come out of denial, speak, condemn, be at the forefront and embrace efforts put to fight such disturbing acts. Our surrounding should be safe regardless of our gender. 16 Days of activism is one of the ways to sensitize, mobilize as well as fight against GBV. We should not only wait for this time of the year to advocate against GBV but we should constantly use our small space to enlighten one another on GBV.

Gender Based Violence being discrimination based on ones gender, women and girls have reportedly undergone traumatic experience and the numbers keep rising. There is need for sensitization and advocacy on GBV. A lot of us (women) have fallen victims and it becomes alarming when such cases are not reported. The questions we should be asking ourselves are; what are the policies put in place to protect victims? Who are the key actors? What are the consequences for such acts? What are the steps taken to fight GBV by Human Rights bodies? What is the way forward?

There is need to encourage victims to come out and report as well as have these subject openly discussed in forums and other gatherings. Rules should be set to protect victims and heavy penalty issued to perpetrators”.