I AM PEACE is a youth led nonprofit Non-Governmental Organization based in South Sudan and Uganda with a strong mandate of spreading peace and breaking peace barriers by creating a platform for young people to influence policies, exploit their potential and play their role in promoting peace among their communities through education and entertainment for a sustainable development. I AM PEACE also ensures sustainable peace through empowering the girl child by addressing issues affecting girls ranging from early marriages, forced marriages and teenage pregnancies for a sustainable and violence free society.


"A peaceful society empowered for sustainable development"

I AM PEACE was founded in Adjumani, Uganda in February 2017 and officially launched in May 2017 with a main objective of creative peaceful coexistence among South Sudanese refugees and between the refugees and host communities following the numerous cases of disconnect among South Sudanese refugees based on tribal, regional and political affiliations. This was done through media advocacy, community outreach programs (dialogues), school outreach programs, sports and arts (music). The initiative was later registered in South Sudan in May 2018 to involve young people in South Sudan in the peace building process of the country.


"To create a platform that empowers young people in communities to peacefully coexist through education and entertainment for sustainable development."

We believe that unity cannot be considered a distinct program but rather a process and a goal achieved through a large spectrum of activities addressing different dimensions of peace building. ‘I AM PEACE’ on that note has programs designed to help communities look at peace as a requirement in their society.